Grabbing Your Power by Janice Paul





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Grabbing Your Power
by Janice Paul 

What is important is to always remember that although many believe they are helpless or stuck in a particular situation, circumstance or lifestyle, this can be changed. No matter what situation, lifestyle or circumstance someone is in, it can be changed for the better. It involves rethinking and reprogramming your thoughts and words. Paying close attention to your thoughts and your words.   Truly paying attention to them, to not allow negative thoughts or words to come out of your mouth or be verbalized. It is working to rewire your thinking. Rewire your thinking can help to transform your life. It can be a hard habit to break but one that can be achieved.   Not allowing any negative energy to come into or out of your body. Visualize a giant sign that states “STOP” and do not allow any negativity into or out of your body. This will require a lot of practice to achieve. It takes practice and more practice to get to this point. This is one of the key factors that will help each person to improve their lives. It may seem impossible to achieve but the intention to want to try to achieve it is what is needed. Try it for 15 minutes, try it for an hour but just decide to try to do this. Each time it is tried, the closer to the goal you will get. It will take a step-by-step approach to start to try this. Step by step thinking about each word and each thought that you have. Then to access each word and thought as to whether it is positive or negative. It is big task to take on but it will be worth it. Any effort made will be worth it. No matter how much time you spend trying this thought change process, it will only help you and not hurt you. Having this as a goal, it will help each person to feel like they have some control in their lives and can help change their own lives. It is giving power to you instead of taking away your power. It is important that each person feel they have power in their lives and are not a continual victim of society. By grabbing your power, changing your thinking and your words (spoken or written) to positivity this is what will help change your life and for you to regain yourself. The negative words and thoughts leave each person feeling powerless and victimized. Slowly day by day, even hour by hour allow yourself to think and speak only about positivity. Retrain and reprogram your thoughts and words. This process will help those around you, also. Your words and your thoughts define yourself so it is important to want to retrain and reprogram them, in order to achieve a positive definition of yourself. This definition of yourself can become contagious in which others want to feel the same way about themselves and will want to know the reason you are feeling better about yourself. From that point, you can spread the word about what you are doing so that others can also do this for themselves. It takes patience and understanding with yourself to work on reprogramming and retraining your words and thoughts, but it can be done. It needs to be done to help to transform yourself and your life. It is a big challenge but one that you can be achieved.

Janice Paul, MA
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