God’s Healing Plan Summit, It’s Not Too Late




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Michael Tibbett’s ‘God’s Healing Plan’ Telesummit

Even though the summit ends Weds., March 16th it is not too late to catch the last few days. Interviews begin at 9:00 AM EST each day. Full replays will run from March 18th through March 20, 2016.

Do you want to live your life to the fullest with purpose, happiness and freedom?

Would you like to discover the hidden blocks that may be stopping you from fulfilling your dreams and living a happy life?

Would you love to create more abundance in your life, career, health, relationships and spirituality?

Are you called to heal yourself and ready to let go of any negative energy and move to a higher vibrational place?

I have invited 30 national family healing experts on my upcoming Telesummit: God’s Healing Plan: Answers to Create Peace, Love & Harmony in Your Family.
“>>> God’s Healing Plan <<<“
This Telesummit is completely free for you. This unique summit, hosted by Michael Tibbetts, brings together 30 amazing leaders who will share their journeys, knowledge and experiences; providing you their wisdom
and insights.

You will enjoy meeting each expert as they share with you how the Holy Spirit has worked through them to create a life full of peace, love and harmony in the respective individuals and their families and or ministry.

The path of how they discovered their joyfulness. You will learn the different practices, tips, and strategies to shift your mindset, and transform your life.

This is your opportunity.  So give yourself permission to make a huge shift in your life, because, you are worthy.

Don’t worry if you miss a day or get started late. You will
receive a new link each day and the audios will stay live for 72 hours. Make sure you Sign up for access today and start your healing today.
“>>> Sign up for access today <<<“
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