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Freedom, true freedom is allowing your spirit, your essence, your being to soar. To no longer be restricted by your inner rules and regulations but instead to be accepting, tolerant and encouraging of yourself. To allow yourself to follow the trail that you want to make, for yourself. To no longer be held back by your own and others rules and regulations. To allow yourself the chance to listen to your inner thoughts and to be able to follow where these thoughts lead you. If you were free from these restrictions, would you be able to take chances and risks that you have never tried before? Have you ever taken a chance or a risk that you felt compelled to take for yourself in your life, before? For a moment, as you read this information could you think of a chance or risk you would like to try, but have been afraid to take? What would happen if you acted or tried to take a chance or a risk? A chance or risk that you take does not have to be drastic life changes but can be small and gradual. Opening up your thoughts to taking more and more risks and chances. It is allowing your thoughts to expand its capabilities. To no longer keep repeating the same thought pattern over and over again which keeps you stuck within your own and others rules and regulations. It is and keeps you stuck in the pattern of the perpetual mundane. It keeps you stuck in cement and unable to take any step away from the mundane. Keeps you from taking a step into the unknown. Into the unknowns of you, others and life. It is similar to the idea of thinking “out of the box” but thinking” out of the box”, for you. It is taking a chance or risk on you. It is simply allowing a new thought, a new way of thinking to be allowed in. To stop replaying the old thoughts of you and your life. It is allowing yourself to have a different thought. A thought such as:” I can do that, or I want to try that or why not?” Your thoughts can be the chance or risk that you take. Take the change or risk to think, differently. It is not hard to allow yourself the chance to take a risk on you. By taking a chance or a risk can help to encourage positive change in your life. To help change the mundane thoughts from continuing to circle around in your head, which will help you to veer off onto another path. From there it will open up the door to other possibilities in your life. Take the chance to catch and stop your mundane thoughts and replace them with thoughts that are freeing. Thoughts that are reflective of your creativity and individuality. It is giving yourself the permission to take the chance or risk at thinking differently.
Janice Paul, MA
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