How the Experts Connect to Soul

Are you looking for ways to feel more connected with your deepest voice and purpose? Would you like to learn from the Experts how they feel inspired, peaceful and unstoppable on a day-to-day basis? Wouldn’t it be great to be handed the exact tips and tools that today’s thought-leaders have mastered?

What I have for you is a rare opportunity to peek into the minds of top spiritual leaders, teachers, healers and expert coaches who are ready to share how you too can live the life in your heart’s vision. They will not only share their personal practices, but will also give you the information you need to further your own mastery.

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My colleague, #1 Best-Selling Author Sheldon Pizzinat, has brought together 30 of the world’s top teachers and experts for a special once-a-year FREE online retreat for your Soul: Soul Speak – Dissolve your Blocks, Awaken your Power, Live your Dream!

This event is on a whole new level – it’s a virtual retreat and learning event.

I am very excited because a special invitation has been given to me to speak as an expert on this event!

Because you are important to me and I know how many of you strive to balance spiritual life and a successful purpose, I am excited to share with you this virtual even that could transform your life and help you to live with greater awareness of who you truly are!

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