IHMS 2017 Speaker Presentation: Lori Dennis, M.A.

Lori Dennis, M.A.Topic:



Chronic Lyme disease is a complicated, confusing, and terrifying abyss—a black hole of human suffering, conflicting views, widespread corruption, and unrelenting medical navigation. Lyme Madness chronicles the author’s and adult son’s medical odyssey while capturing the current landscape of immeasurable suffering, twisted politics and medical madness that ensues worldwide. It provides a platform for the many voices of chronic Lyme sufferers, caregivers, and activists, along with the very few doctors and politicians all fighting for awareness, support and justice around the globe. It is a bold testament to the undeniable existence of this medical nightmare where millions are suffering and few are listening. The voices and pleas for medical acknowledgement of this widely negated disease are powerful, compelling, and a clarion call-to-action for those in power to put an end to the political roadblocks that have kept chronic Lyme disease in the shadows for more than forty years.

Participants will learn:

  1. How explosive the pandemic known as chronic Lyme disease is—an illness that is affecting and infecting millions around the globe.
  2. The urgent need for holistic doctors to be on the medical front line and to fully understand the complexities of this bacteria-driven, neurological, multi-system, immunosuppressive, post sepsis illness, which is easy to catch, difficult to diagnose and very difficult to treat
  3. Mainstream medicine’s pervasive denial of this disease, forcing chronic Lyme sufferers to self-navigate their illness from the first onset of ‘mysterious’ symptoms to diagnosis to treatment
  4. The dark, medical politics and utter madness in ‘Lymeland’ which amongst other things includes doctors whose licenses have been suspended and their practices closed for treating chronic Lyme sufferers and the daily victimization and gas lighting of Lyme sufferers around the world


Lori Dennis, MA, RP, and author of LYME MADNESS, is a Registered Psychotherapist in private practice in Toronto, Canada. Ever since her adult son fell ill in the fall of 2012, her only focus has been to help him get well. Little did she know at the start of this medical odyssey just how deep and unending this rabbit hole would be. While helping her son navigate his medical journey from “no answers” to continued recovery, she was determined to write this book to help others navigate this long and arduous path from illness to wellness—the overwhelming and complicated trek that comes with having chronic Lyme disease. She was also determined to provide a platform for other Lyme sufferers to have their voices heard in an effort to end the madness. A madness where millions are suffering around the globe while mainstream medicine continues to turn its back on the sick and infirm.

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