ACIM Conference

ACIM, Orlando, FL, Novemver 14 – 16, 2019: My favorite GAMMA Read More

Interview on Donna Drake TV show

Donna Drake TV show, Live it up, NYC, December 9, 2019: interview Read More  

Gamma for Optimal Health

ISSSEEM, Kansas City, November 6-8, 2019: workshop and Keynote, Gamma for Optimal Health Read More

Blueprint for Holistic Healing

Dr. Shealy in Pittsburgh, PA, Oct 05, 2019: A.R.E. regional, Blueprint for Holistic Healing Read More

Bridging the Gap

Fort Wayne, IN, Sept 21, 2019; Bridging the Gap Read More


Chemotherapy for cancer began to reach its peak while I was in my neurosurgery residency. From the beginning I have said I would rather die than be poisoned. The true value of chemotherapy is as controversial as anything in modern medicine, and some say the average life extension is 4 months.