Sergey Sorin, M.D., DABFM

Sergey-SorinSergey Sorin, M.D., DABFM, is a Board Certified Physician with extensive experience in Urgent Care, Occupational Medicine and Emergency Medicine. He has served as Medical Director at the Bath, NY VA Hospital as well as several other organizations including Physician Weight Loss and Wellness Center, Tri-State Surgical Weight Loss Practice and Delphi/Workfit Healthcare.

He is currently CEO and Medical Director of the International Institute of Holistic Medicine, a subdivision of Shealy-Sorin Wellness, which is the world’s premier Holistic Clinic continuing the work of C. Norman Shealy, M.D. Ph.D, developer of TENS, spinal cord stimulation, Biogenics and Transcutaneous Acupuncture among other health innovations.

After a life-altering diagnosis and successful treatment of colon cancer in 2007, his focus has been on the broad field of Holistic Medicine, including founding Samvit Wellness, focused on healing with frequencies and sound technology among other aspects.

His has been a published author, including latest book: 30 days to Self-Health (Bolboa Press), as well as articles on nutrition, health and wellness for NYTOA (New York Tactical Officer’s Association), various newspapers and media and also scientific publications and articles including with Green County Medical Society, and Peer Reviewed Scientific Journals (available on request).

Current research includes study of PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields), Scalar Energy, as well as Diabetic Autoimmune study. He is co-Host of the 29 year Shealy-Sorin Wellness radio show on KWTO in Springfield, MO.

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