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Gari Carter Pain Webinar with Dr. Sergey Sorin
December 6th at 6pm CST

If you haven’t registered for the live webinar with Gari Carter tomorrow, then go ahead. You won’t want to miss this one.

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On this webinar, you will hear Gari’s amazing story of recovery from a horrific car accident in which she suffered severe facial damage.

Over a 10-year period, Gari underwent painful reconstructive surgeries. Fortunately, she was introduced to Hemi-Sync® audio technology.

You will hear how she used these audios to not only reduce, but eliminate, her pain. Amazing!

Gari will be joined by Dr. Sergey Sorin of Samvit Wellness. Dr. Sorin has used Hemi-Sync® for years with his patients and in his personal life. He will be sharing more on the science of how sound technology works.

If you suffer from pain or have loved ones who do, then you won’t want to miss this amazing presentation.

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We will see you tomorrow live!

P.S. We will be recording the webinar and offering a replay in case you can’t make the live presentation.
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