Man smiling because he's discovered the effectiveness of vitamins for penis growth.

Vitamins D3 & K2 as Good as Augmentation Surgery for Penis Growth

Those who have been subscribers at least a year will remember my first article on the benefits of vitamin D 3, in which I mentioned the casual comment from my friend, Dr. Prendergast, that his patients had incidentally reported growth of the penis. Further investigation was warranted to see if vitamins for penis growth really existed. Well, the research is done and it works — AS WELL AS PENILE AUGMENTATION SURGERY!

Now, most women may not care about this information, but penis size is one of the major psychological concerns of men, at least equal to those of weight and height. In fact, the most serious criticism and put down of a man is to attack his penis size!

This really is surprising, since Kinsey settled the issue of what is really “average” over 50 years ago when he reported that 54% of men had a penis length of 6 inches OR LESS. And only 0.6% of men were over 8 inches in length. The absurdity is that these snide put-downs make men feel inferior!

And a huge amount of e-spam suggests that many people are making money with the outrageous claims of herbal and other products for rather massive enhancement, not one of which has scientific proof.

In my own study of 14 friends, each taking 50,000 units of vitamin D 3 and 100 mcg of vitamin K 2 daily, there was an average penis length increase of 0.46 inches (statistically significant a the 0.0001 level) and a circumference increase of 0.523 inches (statistically significant at the 0.013 level). The maximum length increase was 0.9 inches and the maximum circumference increase was 1.5 inches. And these increases took place in 3 to 6 months, with no undesirable “side effects.” It is conceivable that further growth will occur over a longer period.

This initial result is quite comparable to the most radical approach — surgical augmentation of the penis, which adds an average of one to two cm in length and two and a half cm in circumference.

So, yes, vitamins for penis growth do exist. But, perhaps the best news overall is that virtually everyone reported improved overall energy as well as libido AND virtually no viral infections! Of course, the really important benefits of D 3 and K 2 are improved immune function as well as good evidence that over the long run there are many other health benefits — reduced incidence of hypertension, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, 17 types of cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc, etc!

We have hundreds of men and women taking these two vitamins now. Remember the only restrictions are NORMAL kidney function and NO extra calcium supplements while on the daily large dosages daily. All healthy adults should take at least one dose a week forever! And daily dosages are recommended for those 140 pounds and heavier. This may be the single most important additive you can take to enhance health overall!

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