I am now available at the National Institute of Holistic Medicine, Springfield, Missouri to work with individuals with

  • Chronic pain which has not responded to conventional treatment
  • Depression or anxiety which has not responded to conventional treatment
  • Electromagnetic Dysthymia– EMD is a generalized disorder of chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression and a significantly weakened immune system
  • Chronic problems that have not responded to conventional therapy.
  • Those with cardiovascular and heart problems should consult Dr. Roy Heilbron.

These are the major problems in the over 30,000 patients with whom I have worked. The minimum treatment program, in Springfield, Missouri, is 8 hours daily for 5 days and in some cases it requires two weeks. After initial consultation, treatment will consist of use of the

  • Liss Cranial Stimulator
  • TENS
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy
  • Activation of the 5 Rings
  • Energy Genesis
  • Photostimulation
  • Biogenics Retraining of the nervous system
  • Past Life Therapy
  • Thermal therapy
  • Personalized exercise
  • Massage and Therapeutic Postural Alignment

Those interested in an appointment should contact Jody Trotter,

Since the Insurance Mafia has been an increasing problem for 30 years, this program is not available for any insurance billing!