Certified Past Life Therapy Classes with Dr. Morris Netherton




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Certified Past Life Therapy Classes

with Dr. Morris Netherton

Register now, May will be here sooner than we think

May 9-13, 2016 Past Life Therapy, Part I

May 16-20, 2016 Past Life therapy, Part II

May 2-6, 2016 Advanced Past Life Therapy
Open to only those who have completed Part I and Part II classes previously.

Contact Bobbette@normshealy.net or 855-329-2124 for details

I have long recommended Past Life Therapy as the single most important psychotherapeutic tool. Indeed, one hour of PLT is far better than years of “traditional” psychotherapy.

In my experience all significant illnesses/accidents, etc. in this life are the result of unfinished business from a previous life. Anger, guilt, anxiety and depression often are triggered by an event in this life which triggers the subconscious memory left over from a similar event in a past life. If you have unfinished business in this life, I strongly recommend you consider Past Life Therapy.

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