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Netherton Certified Past life Therapists

I have long recommended Past Life Therapy as the single best psychotherapeutic tool. Indeed, one hour of PLT is far better than years of “traditional” psychotherapy-most of which is just wallowing in manure!

In my experience all significant illnesses/accidents, etc. in this life are the result of unfinished business from a previous life. Anger, guilt, anxiety and depression often are triggered by an event in this life which triggers the subconscious memory left over from a similar event in a past life. If you have unfinished business in this life, I strongly recommend you consider Past Life Therapy.

Incidentally, we need many more PL Therapists and Dr. Morris Netherton continues to teach and certify each spring and fall! The next Part I course

October 5-9 Part I

October 12-16 Part II

If you complete both parts satisfactorily, Dr. Netherton CERTIFIES you as a PAST LIFE THERAPIST.

If you want to experience the BEST and especially if you wish to be certified by him, call 855-329-2124 or 417-467-2124 and sign up for his classes.


IF YOU WISH TO CONSULT A NETHERTON CERTIFIED PAST LIFE PRACTITIONER, GO TO www.normshealy.com click on RESOURCES and consult the listed person nearest you!


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