Spiritual Healing

I first discovered healing in 1972 when I visited Olga Worrall at the Mount Washington United Methodist Church in Baltimore, where every Thursday morning she did laying on of hands to approximately 300 individuals. I have 15,000 letters sent to her by individuals who experienced healing.

In 1976 I was part of the exploration of psychic surgery in the Philippines, filmed with Burt Lancaster and shown on NBC October 31, 1977. (Exploring the Unknown – IMDb)

In the 90’s I worked with Ostad Hadi Pavarandeh who gave me 100 patient records of miraculous healings. Both he and Olga could change a patient’s EEG from a hundred feet away. I now have over 100 recordings of EEG’s being changed by healers from up to 1000 miles away.

I have written two books on this subject, SACRED HEALING and Soul Medicine.

I recommend conventional medicine for acute problems, but when conventional medicine fails, one of the holistic potentials is spiritual healing.
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Spiritual Healing

For 45 years I have studied and worked with great spiritual healers. I have written about this in two books and have demonstrated that they can strikingly affect the EEG from up to 1000 miles away. In any significant illness, no matter what else you choose, I recommend adding spiritual healing.

My top recommendation is Janice Paul

“Everyone should seek personal insight into all aspects of their personal journey. Sometimes that search is greatly enhanced by an independent counselor.”

Janice Paul, MA is a Professional Intuitive and Healer. Janice helps you develop your personal Soul Voice Connection to provide your spiritual purpose in life, your strengths, your weak areas and how to work on them. Your Soul Voice Connection process can take one and a half, to two hours. Your password into your soul is intuitively obtained and you will answer six questions to help you move forward in your life. The results are then typed up and emailed to you.


Janice Paul, MA has been a mental health professional for the past 28 years working in multiple clinical settings such as hospital-emergency room-psychiatric emergency services, hospital-inpatient psychiatric unit, Superior Court of New Jersey, outpatient mental health counseling center and in private practice. Her positions held included: Senior Clinician, Licensed Professional Counselor, Therapeutic Custody Mediator, Mental Health Screener for the State of New Jersey, Director of Family Crisis Intervention Unit, Family Counseling Specialist, College Professor, Clinical Member of the Morris County Critical Incident Team (-responded to 9/11 World Trade Center Attack), Clinical Quality Compliance Auditor, Director of Clinical Quality Compliance and Expert for television and radio shows in New Jersey, New York City and Connecticut.

Facebook: janicepaulmaprofessionalintuitive
Email: paul.janice.peace@gmail.com
Twitter: @janicepaulma

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