Better sleep, healing, and enhanced well-being through Biogenics Audio

Over 40 years of research shows how specific sound patterns can lead the brain to various states of consciousness ranging from deep relaxation or sleep to expanded awareness and other “extraordinary states” which can be helpful in many areas, such as managing pain, enhancing sleep and reducing anxiety.

Our Biogenics audio products are combined with revolutionary Sound Technology from Samvit Sound™ to support the brain wave states conducive to healing, recovery, focus, concentration, relaxation, sleep and so much more. Combined with your intention, these are inexpensive tools to enhance your well-being.

Our approach utilizes a two-prong approach:

Directing the state of consciousness
Brain wave state states can be generally described as the languages in which the brain communicates between parts of itself. By using specific sound frequencies we can direct the brain to reach one of the four major states of consciousness:

  • Delta (.5 to 3 Hz) – rest and recovery
  • Theta (4 to 7 Hz) – emotion and memory
  • Alpha (8 to 12 Hz) – relaxation and meditation
  • Beta (13 to 35 Hz) – thinking and reasoning

Bringing the brain into a state of coherence
The second component has to do with uses of frequencies to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain leading one to a whole brain state, where left and right hemispheres of the brain are working in a state of coherence. When the brain is synchronized, there is a tendency for enhanced clarity, creativity, problem solving and memory. Studies show that is extremely difficult for an individual to maintain a whole brain state for an extended time – even for Zen meditation masters! With Samvit Sound technology, any one has the opportunity to reach and maintain a whole brain state without years of practice.

Learn more about the states of consciousness and whole brain state »

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Biogenics Self-Regulation: Retraining the Nervous System

For over 100 years the concept of self-regulation has been scientifically studied. Beginning in 1912 Dr. Johannes H. Schultz developed a self-hypnosis approach called Autogenic Training (AT – also known as Basic Schultz).

In 1969 the first of six volumes of scientific overview was published, including 2600 scientific references. Today there are over 17,000 references. Schultz demonstrated that 80% of stress illnesses could be successfully managed with AT. Students, athletes and business people became more successful using AT.

In the early 1970’s Dr. Elmer Green introduced biofeedback training, using feedback of EEG, Temperature and EMG to assist patients with overcoming a wide variety of chronic illnesses, beginning with migraine and hypertension, and proceeding to numerous other illnesses. In 1977 Dr. Shealy introduced the broader use of Biogenics which has been shown to be of great benefit in thousands of patients with chronic pain and depression. This includes basic biofeedback approaches and numerous exercises to assist individuals in learning specific control over sensation and muscle tension, as well as releasing past trauma.

Our Biogenics audio products are combined with revolutionary Sound Technology from Samvit Sound™ to support the brain wave states conducive to healing, recovery, focus, concentration, relaxation, sleep and so much more. Combined with your intention, these are inexpensive tools to enhance your life.

Special offer for Newsletter Subscribers!
Save 15% on all Biogenics Audio products.

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Offer ends May 1, 2018

Explore our Biogenics titles in the following categories:

Sensory BiofeedbackEmotional and Mental Support

Spiritual Atunement

Habits and LifestyleThe Five Rings

Health is Simple

If everyone in the U.S. had the basic health habits, average life expectancy would go from current 78 to 100! 97.3% of Americans have one to 5 bad habits:

  • Smoking—22% of Americans
  • Body Mass Index 25 to 29—35%; BMI 30 or above another 35%
  • Eating less than 5 servings of fruits and veggies daily—90+%
  • Exercising less than 30 minutes 5 days a week—90%
  • Sleeping less than 7 hours of sleep a 24-hour day—35% or more

Each Bad habit can shorten your life 7 or more years, and negatively impact the quality of your life for many more. To me, the loss of health from unhealthy habits is all I need to know to avoid sloppy, stupid health habits.

My essential health habits for everyone are:

  • No smoking
  • Body mass index 18 to 24
  • Eat at least 5 servings daily of fruits and veggies
  • Exercise at least 20 minutes 5 days a week
  • Sleep 7 to 8 hours every
  • Take vitamin D3 a minimum of 5000 units to 10,,ooo units daily
  • Take a good multivitamin/mineral with at least 25 mg of B complex daily
  • Take 1000 to 3000 mg of Omega 3 daily
  • Take at least 2000 mg of vitamin C daily
  • Take astaxanthin 10 mg daily
  • Take gamma/delta Tocotrienols, 100 mg daily
  • Do at least 20 minutes daily of self-regulation, such as autogenic training

If everyone adopted the essential health habits, average life expectancy would increase to 100 within 25 years and we would have a minimum of 75% less illness, need 99% less drugs, need 75% less medical services.

Start with one habit you are willing to change. Work on it for a week or a month before you tackle the entire list! The one antidote to stress that is easiest to introduce is autogenic training.

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Support your intention to live a healthier life with the Biogenics audio system.

Dr. Norm Shealy, inventor of the TENS unit, dorsal cord stimulator and numerous other tools used to enhance healing and manage pain, created the Biogenics System, which is an audio system designed to advance healing of the mind, body and spirit.

These audio programs are combined with SAMVIT SOUND® revolutionary sound technology to facilitate the desired brain function, while supporting your intention to heal.

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DHEA : The Youth and Health Hormone

DHEA, dehydroepiandrosterone, is easily the single most important indicator of health reserves. In literally thousands of individuals, I have found that half of all adults are truly deficient and almost half have lower than optimal levels of DHEA. Low or deficient DHEA is found in every illness. Although low levels may exist for some years before major illness develops, the corollary is that individuals with optimal levels do not have any significant illnesses.

In general, DHEA levels begin to rise in adolescence and reach their peak at about 25 years of age. After age 30 DHEA levels begin to fall, so that by the mid 70’s levels may be 10% of the optimal level. BUT, healthy, happy, active seniors maintain a healthy level of DHEA.

The normal activities, which ensure optimal levels of DHEA, are:

  • Joy and happiness
  • An active sex life
  • Physical exercise
  • Body mass index of 19 to 24
  • Outside activity-sunlight
  • Adequate sleep and relaxation

In addition, there are four natural, safe techniques for restoring DHEA:

  • Natural progesterone cream, Eugesterone, has been proven to raise DHEA 60 to 100% in most people. Men and women may benefit from on-fourth teaspoon on the skin twice daily. Menstruating women should use only from day 10 to day 28 or start of the next cycle. Patented procedure.
  • Dr. Shealy’s Youth Formula, a patented formula that has been proven to raise DHEA 60 to 100%. It contains in a daily dosage 2 grams of vitamin C; one gram of MSM; 6 mg of Beta 1,3 glucan, and 60 micrograms of molybdenum.
  • Dr. Shealy’s Magnesium Lotion, the only transdermal form of magnesium proven to raise DHEA 60 to 100%, while raising intracellular magnesium, an essential nutrient low in most people.
  • Use of the SheLi TENS on 12 specific acupuncture points (trhe Ring of Fire), a patented procedure, proven to raise DHEA 60 to 100%.

The great news is that these 4 approaches are synergistic-that is they are additive. Together they raise DHEA levels up to 300%, safely. As long as the body restores, rejuvenates its own DHEA, it appears to be totally safe.

There is only one lab I have found reliable for DHEA levels: Nichols of Capistrano, California. 800-225-7483. I have no financial interest in this lab but it is accurate. At least 5 other labs have been totally unreliable, with variations of 50 to 300% in the levels on the SAME blood. Do not waste your blood, time or money on other labs!


Men – 750 to 1250 ng/dl

Women – 550 to 980 ng/dl

DHEA-Sulfate, DHEA-S levels may be reasonably accurate at most labs BUT DHEA-S has not been found to be as clinically reliable as DHEA. Salivary DHEA levels MAY be useful. If you go for those, be sure your levels are in the UPPER 50% of the lab range.

Do not take DHEA orally! There is some evidence that oral DHEA may exacerbate undiagnosed cancer of prostate, breast, ovary or uterus. DHEA may be prescribed for serious illnesses such as lupus erythematosis, multiple sclerosis, etc. BUT do not take it without careful physician monitoring.

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My closest spiritual counselor – I call him G for guide.

An excerpt from Conversations with G – A Physician’s Encounter with Heaven

In December 1984 a new phase developed in my dance with the divine. For some time I had been musing on the idea that we all have a personal angel. One night I awoke at midnight totally wired and could not go back to sleep. Suddenly I began hearing voices, 14 of them. I went to my desk and for over an hour I received moderately jumbled but clear, audible to me, voices, confusing because of the cacophony of voices. One, however was crystal clear, Murielle, my personal angel. There was no special message just an acknowledgment. I gleaned to some extent that her purpose is to help reinforce clear cut moral standards and occasional warnings if I get too Sagittarian risk taking.

Within six months I met another guide, who introduced himself to me as my teacher. I call him G for guide. It is a masculine voice. I think the most startling conversation we ever had was about sin. According to him, the only sin in the eyes of the Universe (his name for God) is murder, either of another person or of self-suicide! He does not consider abortion murder! I have hundreds of pages of transcripts from our conversations where I make my non-conventional shorthand scribbles of points and then dictate the fullest version I can create. Many of these will be used in subsequent chapters. I have had a number of conversations in which he makes it clear to me that throughout my life many of my innovative ideas are messages he gave or sent to me. In other words I am the receiver. The actual message sometimes is quite detailed and more often just the main symbol or concept which I need to develop.

In one of my earliest conversations with G, I asked G “Is it proper to ask how you are?” He replied “I am always fine”. He went on to say that he would continue to evolve and that a time would come when he would no longer be associated with the earth’s school of evolution. He stated that angels do not have emotions in the sense that humans do. He said he has a sense of “cosmic harmony”, an awareness that is transcendent of personal emotions. He went on to say that in my childhood, I did not like feeling vulnerable (remember my reaction to my sister’s feeling of abandonment), so I became hyper-responsible and blocked “lesser emotions”. By lesser emotions, he meant frightened and insecure. “By age 8 or 9 you had a level of control over that part of you, and you felt impatient with those types of emotion”. ‘It is not that you have transcended them. You simply have barricaded them”. You become angry when someone needy wants your approval. Note how much power you have in controlling your approval”. I noted that I feel drained by needy people. He suggested that I should learn to “vibrate your approval of people just the way they are. When you disapprove, it attracts them to you; instead vibrate approval”. ‘Recognize that they are doing the best that they can, given their state of evolution.

Vibrate acceptance of where they are in their state of evolution”. “And each morning bless them without judgment. This will lead to rapid growth. We then went on to discuss the book Carline and I were beginning, THE CREATION of HEALTH.” I asked him for a dramatic beginning He said “be direct. Start with The human spirit is real. There comes a time and moment when the debates and proof are set aside and one simply takes the belief and faith that the universe is an alive force field of spiritual and physical life”. I then asked for some help on the subject of sexuality and hypocrisy. He replied “Stress is by far largely associated with males. This is why they have a higher incidence of heart attacks. Why is it such a strong current? Is it possible to challenge the sexual association of the male and to challenge their being controlled by their genitals? From day one men are forced to mature in certain ways and to be suspicious of touch except through sports or with women. The point is that sexual energy, sexual competition is a significant stress which has a great influence on health emotionally, psychologically and physically”. I then asked him whether there was a way I could get by with less than my required 8 hours of sleep. He replied “not for you. You need a great deal of regenerating equal to the amount of energy you put out during the day. You need the intuit dream space. Your rational brain needs time off”.

As you can see, to a great extent, G has been my spiritual guide. Indeed, just as with my Scout master James Sheeley, and my mentor Talmage Peele, I have been blessed to have Henry Rucker, Bob Leichtman, and Caroline Myss as major personal counselors. G has been to me my closest spiritual counselor. Interestingly most of my conversations with Muriel have taken place when I am outside walking or jogging, so that I have not had the opportunity to take notes. Even with G, my notes have to be cryptic and my own brand of shorthand.

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Dietary potassium deficiency? K-Bicarb!

Dietary potassium deficiency is a major contributor to hypertension as well as many diseases. Interestingly, potassium bicarbonate significantly reduces calcium excretion even in high protein diets. And there is evidence that K-Bicarb helps prevent osteoporosis through its calcium saving effect.

High protein diets, common in our society, are well known for their negative effect upon calcium. And interestingly potassium bicarbonate also reduces nitrogen secretion as well as magnesium excretion. The combined benefits of potassium bicarbonate of enhancing calcium, magnesium and protein retention, while enhancing water excretion, are metabolically beneficial. Indeed, there is considerable evidence to suggest that potassium bicarbonate supplementation may well help prevent osteoporosis, reduce blood pressure, reduce weight and even improve adult onset diabetes. (Eur J Nutr, 2001, 40: 200-213). Theoretically, an increase in alkalinity might also reduce the risk of cancer.

Within one week of taking 793 mg of potassium as K-Bicarb, I lost 3 pounds of weight, presumably water. The average American consumes only 3.4 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. A minimum of 5 are recommended. I consume 6 to 8 servings. On the other hand, because I take 5 grams of vitamin C daily, my urine acidity has been quite low (pH 5), whereas after adding the K-Bicarb, my urine acidity has reached the more desirable level of pH 6.5.

If you have normal kidney function and drink adequate amounts of non-chlorinated water (half pounds of body weight in ounces of water), and are unable to consume 8 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, I suggest you explore the health benefits of added K-Bicarb! Start with 600 mg of potassium and evaluate according to your urine pH.

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Go for GAMMA!

Gamma brain wave frequency of 30 to 100 Hz, optimal 40 Hz, is the feeling of blessing, in the zone, I can do anything.

Low levels of gamma are associated with difficulty learning and poor memory.

HIGH LEVELS are associated with high intelligence, creativity, happiness, compassion, self-control.

NOW for the Gamma discovery of the century — Placing the Shealy-Sorin Chakra Sweep PEMF near the head INCREASES gamma activity strikingly! Just 30 minutes of our PEMF increases brain, mind and body energy. Just add the Shealy-Wellness cap, put the PEMF coil on your head and enjoy GAMMA!

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The greatest health restorer discovered

Sapphire Enhanced AdrenoScalar™ appears to be the greatest health restorer discovered—assisting in reducing adrenomedullin, reducing free radicals, reducing inflammation, enhancing delta brain activity and improving immune function. I predict it will also regenerate telomeres.

The great advantage of Sapphire Enhanced AdrenoScalar is that it is so simple to use. Just set it on a table in your bedroom and receive its stress reducing, energy enhancing benefits while you sleep! As little as 9 hours a week has been found to reduce adrenomedullin, the single most important measurement of cumulative stress. Just three hours exposure has led to reduced free radical production. Twenty minutes of blood exposure strikingly reduces inflammation.

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