Past Life Therapy – PLUS certification as a Past Life Therapist

This could be your last chance to learn and be certified by the MASTER!
Morris Netherton is retired from clinical practice, BUT he teaches his technique spring and fall each year, here at Holos Energy Medicine Education Health, Fair Grove, MO.

May 14-18 – Part I
May 21-25 – Part II

October 8-12 – Part I
October 15-19 – Part II

If you complete both parts satisfactorily, Dr. Netherton CERTIFIES you as a PAST LIFE THERAPIST.

If you want to experience the BEST and especially if you wish to be certified by him, call 855-329-2124 or 417-467-2124 and sign up for his classes.

Instructor: Morris Netherton, Ph.D.
Since 1972 I have considered Past Life Therapy (PLT) to be the most effective psychotherapy in the world. Even a single session can be miraculous. Personally, I have had at least two dozen sessions with 5 different therapists, as well as numerous personal recalls. I have also done many hundreds of sessions with clients and probably a few thousand in group sessions.
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The Master PLT teacher and practitioner is Morris Netherton, Ph.D. I have known him 3 decades and at least half my personal sessions have been with him. I have often said he could get the Pope or an Orthodox Rabbi to experience a past life. Now, whether you consider the experience to be an allegory or an historical event, the results of PLT are superior to any other hour I have seen or experienced by anyone!

Phone 855-329-2124 or 417-467-2124 or click here to register.

Tuition $850, includes 5 lunches

DHEA : The Youth and Health Hormone

DHEA, dehydroepiandrosterone, is easily the single most important indicator of health reserves. In literally thousands of individuals, I have found that half of all adults are truly deficient and almost half have lower than optimal levels of DHEA. Low or deficient DHEA is found in every illness. Although low levels may exist for some years before major illness develops, the corollary is that individuals with optimal levels do not have any significant illnesses.

In general, DHEA levels begin to rise in adolescence and reach their peak at about 25 years of age. After age 30 DHEA levels begin to fall, so that by the mid 70’s levels may be 10% of the optimal level. BUT, healthy, happy, active seniors maintain a healthy level of DHEA.

The normal activities, which ensure optimal levels of DHEA, are:

  • Joy and happiness
  • An active sex life
  • Physical exercise
  • Body mass index of 19 to 24
  • Outside activity-sunlight
  • Adequate sleep and relaxation

In addition, there are four natural, safe techniques for restoring DHEA:

  • Natural progesterone cream, Eugesterone, has been proven to raise DHEA 60 to 100% in most people. Men and women may benefit from on-fourth teaspoon on the skin twice daily. Menstruating women should use only from day 10 to day 28 or start of the next cycle. Patented procedure.
  • Dr. Shealy’s Youth Formula, a patented formula that has been proven to raise DHEA 60 to 100%. It contains in a daily dosage 2 grams of vitamin C; one gram of MSM; 6 mg of Beta 1,3 glucan, and 60 micrograms of molybdenum.
  • Dr. Shealy’s Magnesium Lotion, the only transdermal form of magnesium proven to raise DHEA 60 to 100%, while raising intracellular magnesium, an essential nutrient low in most people.
  • Use of the SheLi TENS on 12 specific acupuncture points (trhe Ring of Fire), a patented procedure, proven to raise DHEA 60 to 100%.

The great news is that these 4 approaches are synergistic-that is they are additive. Together they raise DHEA levels up to 300%, safely. As long as the body restores, rejuvenates its own DHEA, it appears to be totally safe.

There is only one lab I have found reliable for DHEA levels: Nichols of Capistrano, California. 800-225-7483. I have no financial interest in this lab but it is accurate. At least 5 other labs have been totally unreliable, with variations of 50 to 300% in the levels on the SAME blood. Do not waste your blood, time or money on other labs!


Men – 750 to 1250 ng/dl

Women – 550 to 980 ng/dl

DHEA-Sulfate, DHEA-S levels may be reasonably accurate at most labs BUT DHEA-S has not been found to be as clinically reliable as DHEA. Salivary DHEA levels MAY be useful. If you go for those, be sure your levels are in the UPPER 50% of the lab range.

Do not take DHEA orally! There is some evidence that oral DHEA may exacerbate undiagnosed cancer of prostate, breast, ovary or uterus. DHEA may be prescribed for serious illnesses such as lupus erythematosis, multiple sclerosis, etc. BUT do not take it without careful physician monitoring.

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Read this masterpiece on the key to happiness!

“The physical heart is the organ, which fails more often than any other. Heart Chi Gong is a masterful approach for releasing the cumulative psychological trauma underlying all heart disease. Highly recommended!”

C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD.
Founder and CEO of the International Institute of Holistic Medicine

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What’s Missing in Medicine

This is one of the richest treasures I have read in the unlimited field of multidimensional life. I personally have done hundreds of past life therapy sessions, a few between lives, a handful of progressions to the future, and half a dozen exorcisms. Interestingly, Dr. Kenneth McCall in HEALING THE FAMILY TREE found that a huge majority of his patient were possessed by dead family members.

Dr. Tramont uses deep hypnotherapy to reach the individual at the soul level, to use spirit guides, to do exorcisms of lost entities, dark forces and ET’s and to complete unfinished negative memories from previous lives. He even does entity release remotely, using an assistant or friend and spirit guides to exorcise those who cannot come in person! He has come a long way from his beginnings as an OB/GYN physician.

If you wish to explore the broadest extensive clinical experience I have seen in this multidimensional world, this is the book for you.

What’s Missing in Medicine: Unleasing the Healing Power of the Subconscious Mind
C.V. Tramont, M.D.
DuLac Publishing, LLC, Las Vegas, 2016, $19.95

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Spiritual Healing

For 45 years I have studied and worked with great spiritual healers. I have written about this in two books and have demonstrated that they can strikingly affect the EEG from up to 1000 miles away. In any significant illness, no matter what else you choose, I recommend adding spiritual healing.

My top recommendation is Janice Paul

“Everyone should seek personal insight into all aspects of their personal journey. Sometimes that search is greatly enhanced by an independent counselor.”

Janice Paul, MA is a Professional Intuitive and Healer. Janice helps you develop your personal Soul Voice Connection to provide your spiritual purpose in life, your strengths, your weak areas and how to work on them. Your Soul Voice Connection process can take one and a half, to two hours. Your password into your soul is intuitively obtained and you will answer six questions to help you move forward in your life. The results are then typed up and emailed to you.


Janice Paul, MA has been a mental health professional for the past 28 years working in multiple clinical settings such as hospital-emergency room-psychiatric emergency services, hospital-inpatient psychiatric unit, Superior Court of New Jersey, outpatient mental health counseling center and in private practice. Her positions held included: Senior Clinician, Licensed Professional Counselor, Therapeutic Custody Mediator, Mental Health Screener for the State of New Jersey, Director of Family Crisis Intervention Unit, Family Counseling Specialist, College Professor, Clinical Member of the Morris County Critical Incident Team (-responded to 9/11 World Trade Center Attack), Clinical Quality Compliance Auditor, Director of Clinical Quality Compliance and Expert for television and radio shows in New Jersey, New York City and Connecticut.

Facebook: janicepaulmaprofessionalintuitive
Twitter: @janicepaulma

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Real Healthy Meat

For 54 of my 84 years I have lived on a farm where I can raise meat healthily. Finding real meat raised naturally without pesticides, grains, and other junk, finding a safe source is a real struggle. Recently I became acquainted with BUTCHERBOX and it is truly as good as what I raise at home.

Remember that meat is the only natural source for taurine and by far the best for B 12. ButcherBox sells the highest quality 100% Grass-fed and Grass-finished Beef, Free Range Organic Chicken, and Heritage Breed Pork. For $129/month, you get 8 -11 pounds of high quality meat, which is enough for 18-25 individual meals at around 6oz. per meal. No two boxes are the same. Each month, ButcherBox curates a one-of-a-kind selection of the healthiest, tastiest meats, humanely raised and free of antibiotics and hormones. You will be able to try new cuts of meat and they even include recipe cards to help you in the kitchen.

It is a subscription service, but you can change the frequency—once a month or every other month, and you can cancel at any time without penalty. And once you know what you want, you can customize your orders with add-on items.

Not only does their bacon taste amazing, it’s uncured and free of sugar, nitrates, antibiotics and hormones.

— C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.