Calm is the New Happy



Dear Friends


Who doesn’t want to be amazing? listened to? highly trusted? and desired? Who doesn’t want to be calm through difficult times? And have clarity about what they want?
You may have already heard about a most amazing tele summit called,  Calm is the New Happy:  How to Lighten Your Worry, Get Clear About What You Want, and Create a Joyful, Happy Life!
But did you hear that I have been asked to partner with this phenomenal team?
Twenty-one amazing experts from around the globe are sharing freely their many years of knowledge, techniques, inspirations, and methods that will change old thought patterns and bring about new results.
It is my privilege to invite you to join me along with thousands of others who are gathering for this twenty-one day summit. Together we are creating a global movement to shift consciousness and bring more awareness and peaceful mindfulness to the planet.
This is your opportunity to take part in this amazing movement. Learn from the brightest thought leaders of today.
Debbie D’Aquino, the host of Calm is the New Happy tele summit, is propelling this major shift in awareness.
To show gratitude for your participation, each guest speaker has agreed to give a valuable gift to every listener. These valuable gifts are yours just for showing up!
21 Days = 21 Gifts = Daily Dose of Happiness.
Calm is the New Happy online tele summit begins Monday, February 29th and continues through Monday, March 20th.
Did I mention… it’s FREE!! Nothing is being sold. It’s just pure content given freely from the heart of twenty-one amazing thought leaders of today. Each day a new interview and a replay link are available for 72 hours when you register to listen. Click HERE to register Now!
Did I mention… it’s FREE!!
BONUS!!! When you register for the summit, You will receive a daily email announcing the Speaker of the Day and their Free Gift Link. That means you will receive even more value and content after the call is over. It is our gift of gratitude to you for joining the summit.
A major shift in consciousness is happening. Ask your friends to be a part of it with you.

Please join me and my fellow thought leaders HERE!