Being Mindful




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There’s one powerful practice that can work for many people.

I’m talking about mindfulness . . .

. . . and the key to its life-changing power is often simply knowing the right way to apply it.

That’s why I’d encourage you to check out NICABM’s latest webinar series on Making Mindfulness Work.

They’ve brought together some of the foremost mindfulness experts for this 6-part series – take a look at what’s included:

  • Jack Kornfield, PhD – Shifting Focus through Mindfulness: How to Grow Love and Compassion out of the Seeds of Suffering
  • Dan Siegel, MD – The Neurobiology of Mindfulness: How Being Present Can Change the Brain
  • Tara Brach, PhD – Mindfulness and the Gateways to Refuge: Finding the True Self
  • Ram Dass, PhD – How to Help People Connect to Loving Awareness: Expanding Our Capacity to Give and Receive Unconditional Love
  • Marsha Linehan, PhD – Dialectical Behavior Therapy – A New Approach to Treating Extreme Emotions
  • Joan Halifax, PhD – Deconstructing Death: Using Mindfulness to Manage Life’s Ultimate Transition

It’s free to watch each webinar at the time of broadcast – you just have to sign up.

Or, you can register for a Gold Membership to get all 6 webinars, including the videos, audio recordings, transcripts, bonus sessions, and two new learning tools to simplify the question of where to start.

Plus, you’ll get 5 additional bonuses when you sign up for a Gold Membership right now (but they’re only available until midnight EDT on Wednesday, October 16th, so don’t miss out).

Here’s the link again where you can check it all out.



PS When you register for a Gold Membership by midnight this Wednesday, October 16th, you’ll get 5 additional bonuses.