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How to Research and Find the Best Hemp Derived CBD Oil for You

Sessee Eartheart
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Here are the questions most often asked about CBD or Hemp Oil products:

a. How can I tell if it is a high quality and effective brand? b. How can I tell if I am getting a good value for the money I spend for it?

Let’s talk apples to apples and answer the most important relevant questions. When researching a product and company you should be able to answer these basic questions:

  1. Is the product USDA certified organic? This certification applies to plant, seed, and soil, because hemp is a bioaccumulator. This means it absorbs everything in the soil in which it is grown, including metals, pesticides, and any other toxins. Along with the seed and the plant, you have to know for sure that the soil is “clean.” Stop looking at any brand that uses hemp that is not USDA certified organic.
  2. Does it have a human study done at a reputable, well-known research center? If the company is making claims about its product, do they have the clinical research data to support their claims? This is essential as so many false claims are made by companies.
  3. Is it full spectrum hemp oil? The hemp plant is perfectly created in nature and, in addition to CBD, has 400+ nutrients. Some companies isolate the CBD and sell it as a standalone product, or they add additional CBD isolate in order to market it as “stronger”. That is not natural, nor as effective as full spectrum hemp oil. Be diligent in your research.
  4. Does it contain THC? Many people are looking for a product that has no psychoactive ingredients. Some THC (0.3%) is allowed by federal law, but it accumulates in the body, and in doing so, the efficiency of the Endocannabinoid System is compromised.
  5. Is it water soluble? We know oil and water do not mix. This is one of the most important criteria for determining the effectiveness of any full spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil product. Water solubility is essential. This allows for maximum absorption and bioavailability of the oil in the body.
  6. How long does it stay in the blood? Look for a product that has a proven sustained rate of effectiveness in the blood serum and tissues.
  7. Is it pet friendly? Your CBD product should have all the same criteria listed above. In addition, it must also contain zero preservatives or flavorings that animals cannot tolerate!

Summary of the Above


Look for a product that is USDA certified organic, full spectrum (contains not only the CBD isolates, but also all the other nutrients that are in hemp oil), 100% water soluble for maximum absorption, maximum sustainability in the blood serum and tissues, and maximum cost effectiveness, and independently tested in a clinical study backing the company’s product claims.

Facts about UltraCellTM

  1. Is the product USDA certified organic? UltraCell is derived from USDA certified organic hemp grown in Colorado.
  2. Does it have a human study conducted at a reputable research center? UltraCell has a clinical study backing its claims. This independent research study was conducted at the Mayo Clinic Research Center.
  3. Is it full spectrum hemp oil? UltraCell is full spectrum and includes 400+ nutrients. It has also been infused with prebiotics. It contains no preservatives and is flavored naturally with acai berry and lemon. And it tastes delicious!
  4. Does it contain THC? Every batch is tested to ensure UltraCell meets the standards of 0.0% THC.
  5. Is it water soluble? Yes, because of a proprietary process UltraCell is 100% water soluble. The Mayo Clinic Study proves that UltraCell has an average rate of 90% absorption in the body.
  6. How long does it stay in the blood? Most companies brag about a 3-6 hours of sustained effectiveness. The Mayo Clinic study shows that UltraCell remains in the blood serum at vastly higher absorption rates, for well in excess of 12 hours.
  7. Is it pet friendly? UltraCell is 100% suitable for our furry friends. There are no ingredients that animals cannot tolerate. For animals UltraCell is generally administered by weight — 1 drop for every 10 pounds. What is the Cost Effectiveness of UltraCellTM Compared to Other Products?

By doing your homework and selecting UltraCell as your CBD of choice, you will save $600.

1 Bottle of UltraCell, 500 mg: Your body will absorb 450 mg due to its average absorption rate of 90% (500 x 90% = 450 mg)

Other full spectrum CBD hemp-derived oils: From a 500 mg bottle of another oil, your body will absorb an average of 30 mg. Other oils’ have an average absorption rate of 6%; therefore 1 bottle of 500 mg yields 30 mg. How many equivalent bottles would you need of this other oil?

Answer: FIFTEEN (15) bottles. 30 mg are absorbed per 500 mg bottle compared to 450 mg for UltraCell.

450 divided by 30 = 15 bottles

Cost of 500 mg Ultra Cell: $ 135 (Savings of $600)

Cost of 500 mg of Another Brand of organic CBD hemp-derived oil at $49 per bottle — what is required to match 1 bottle of UltraCell: $ 735 ($ 49 x 15)

ADDITIONAL FACT : Approximately 94% of other CBD oils are “ flushed .”