Angela Allsopp’s Experience with Restorative Truth with Janice Paul





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Angela Allsopp’s Experience with Restorative Truth with Janice Paul

If you saw me, you would never know I thought I didn’t deserve to exist. You wouldn’t see the pain and fatigue from trying to keep that feeling hidden. The shame and guilt I felt because I was afraid there was no purpose, no

reason for me to be here. Hiding all of that made my health and emotional well being deteriorate.

I had seen Janice Paul’s picture and read about her restorative truth process on Norm Shealy’s website months ago. I had been to her website and was curious about the process she used to help people through channeling and finding their truth. But I knew she couldn’t help me. No one had, though many have tried.

Paralyzed with fear I would never find the artist within me again, never physically feel better, or connect meaningfully with others, I was hanging on by a frayed thread.

In a moment of impulsiveness, or prodded by something unexplainable, the next time I saw an article by her on Shealy’s site, I emailed Janice Paul and asked if she could help me.

Although we have never met or spoken, in less than a week, through Janice emailing me the channeled messages she’s received for me, miracles have been occurring in my life. Real miracles.

The messages are specific to me, using references and words only I would know were about me.

Messages received with personal information no one else would know.

Messages pouring love and reawakening my true purpose into my heart and the core of my soul.
I remembered who I was, why I was here, and long ago, I had not been wrong. I was not a mistake.

Years ago I had created a mixed media piece on canvas for myself. Words and images I wanted desperately to believe.

In the most loving, gentle, and miraculous messages delivered to me through Janice’s gifts of asking and receiving, my truth revealed and the explanation of my reason for being on this beautiful planet are divine miracles I never expected and will never doubt again.

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