An 18 year old Female’s Experience with Restorative Truth by Janice Paul





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An 18 year old female’s experience with Restorative Truth

‘I just wanted to get a chance to thank you for the work that you are doing on our family. It means a lot to my mother, and she’s always to excited to tell me about your new discoveries and new techniques.

I also wanted to update you on how I’ve been feeling lately. For starters, some of your readings are spot on in my life, and others are a little more abstract but nonetheless accurate. I got into deep thought about how I used to see myself when I was younger. (beautiful, smart, outgoing etc.) Over the years, I’ve lost my childhood voice and it’s since become this nagging negative self- harming voice. (This realization happened maybe a month ago?) Since then, more of your readings have come through making me think and think and think (and I’m truly amazed and would love to learn more) and I’ve been feeling better lately. Because I know I’m being helped or because there’s big changes not sure, but I have felt a lot more like my old self lately. I have noticed this ability to pick up on things a lot of other people miss in just everyday situations. Something I was able to do when I was younger. I feel very in tune with myself and my surroundings. Thanks for everything, hope to stay in touch. and best of luck with the rest of your research/miracle work.’

Janice Paul, MA

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