A Different Battle of the Sexes



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Last week, I told you about NICABM’s latest webinar series on the New Brain Science.

And it starts tomorrow.

My friend Ruth Buczynksi, PhD will kick-off the series with her first guest, Daniel Amen, MD.

They’ll be talking about

key differences between the male and female brain

and why knowing how sugar affects your brain can be so important for your sex life.

It’s free to watch the webinar at the time of broadcast, you just have to

sign up.

Here’s a look at the agenda for the webinar:

The 5 Pre-Wired Strengths of the Female Brain

The “Worry Curve” and Why

Some Anxiety May Be Essential to Wellness·

How Gender Differences in Gray matter Affect Us

Progesterone: The Brain’s “Natural Valium”

What Sugar Does to the Brain and How It Can Harm Your Sex Life

Hormones and How They Can Strengthen the Nervous System

You can get every webinar in the New Brain Science series (including downloadable videos, audio recordings, transcripts for each, and three new learning tools that they’ve developed), when you register for a Gold Membership.

Plus, you’ll also get some additional bonuses when you sign up for a Gold Membership by tomorrow at midnight EST.

I don’t think you’ll want to miss this – here’s the link where you can take a look.



PS This series is packed with information – you’ll hear about the latest brain science

and get ways to use it right away. Just click here

to find out more.