8 Essential Transformational Coaching Skills




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8 Essential Transformational Coaching Skills

There are 3 major types of skill sets we need to be successful energy healing practitioners:

  • Energy Healing Skills
  • Coaching Skills
  • Marketing Skills
Today I’ve got a very powerful video to share with you.  In it, leading energy healing researcher, Dawson Church, reveals the 8 coaching skills that will transform you into a truly great life coach… one who clients love and adore.
Click here to watch video 2: 8 Life-Changing Coaching Skills
(Skills 3, 5 and 7 are totally counter-intuitive.  The majority of coaches rarely use these).
Coaching is an “invisible skill” when you become great at it.  Clients don’t even know you’re coaching them. They just know you’re helping them. They understand you’re creating an impact and they love you for it.
I have another awesome gift to share with you.

Did you watch Video 1, in which Dawson covers the 7 essential skills of an energy healer? Click here if you haven’t watched it yet.

To unlocking your full potential!
P.S. This video is the second in the 4-part series called “10X Your Impact.”  If you haven’t watched Video 1 yet, where I reveal the top 7 skills you need to be a great energy worker, click here.

Click here to go watch video 2: 8 Life-Changing Coaching Skills

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